The Fastest Robotic Fish ever made

The Vayu Project is a team effort by students and professors at the bionics and control lab at The University of Hong Kong to build a record-breaking robotic fish.
This project looks to engineering a robot that mimics the highly efficient natural motion of fish and delivers high performance and efficiency. The project aims to break a Guinness World Record shortly by making the Vayu robot the fastest robotic fish to have ever been built. The robot is a complex piece of technology and pushes the limits of bio-mimicry and underwater engineering like never before.
Vayu in Sanskrit is a fast wind and Yu in Chinese means fish.
The Vayu logo is an amalgamation of oriental cultures with ‘VA’ in Sanskrit lettering while ‘YU’ is used in its traditional Chinese form.
Meet our Team or check out some of our prototypes by navigating to the Gallery page.
To see videos of our prototypes swimming about have a look at our Facebook Page.
See some of our test videos below:
Our work has already resulted in 2 TEDx talks!
Sidhant Gupta:
Timothy Ng: